Desalvo (band)

Desalvo were a metalcore band from Glasgow

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, Scotland best goalkeeper shirts, formed in 1998.

They were formed by Alex Grant, former PH Family and Idlewild bassist runners utility belt, former Stretchheads drummer Richie Dempsey and Allan Stewart who then went on to also join Idlewild. Their original vocalist Fraser Lumsden also of PH Family left the band in 1999 and was replaced by former Stretchheads vocalist ‘p6’ (Phil Eaglesham). Desalvo split in 2011.

The band were originally strongly influenced by US post-hardcore bands such as Helmet but have since developed a more metallic and progressive sound akin to Converge. The band have also been compared to The Jesus Lizard. They have been described as “one of Scotland’s most prominent sociopathic hardcore acts”.

Kerrang!, described their debut set Mood Poisoner’ as “one of the heaviest albums of the year”, and said p6’s singing “best resembles a dalek attempting to make chicken noises”.

The band released their debut full-length album on Mogwai’s Rock Action Records in 2008.